Head to Cloudberry this Summer to stock up on gifts and stationery in time for the kids going back to school. Not only are our window displays devoted to wee boys and girls, but our shelves are also brimming with treasures children (both young and old) will love.

Treasure Island book

We have books and bookends, diaries and calendars for the new academic year, and trinkets aplenty to wish students young and old a fun-filled year of learning and adventure. There’s beautifully decorated tins for trinkets and treasures, perfect for the most favourite of pens and pencils.

All that learning should make for very sleepy students – our ‘Sleeping Pirate’ bedroom door sign is a perfect gift for younger children at the beginning of school.

Sweeties  Globe  Pens

And of course, it’s not just children who are back to it. Our mid-year diaries – from the wonderful Edinburgh-based Busy B – are perfect for university students, people starting a new job and theatre professionals whose working year begins when the theatre is no longer dark (a term used to describe the period over the Summer when theatres take the time to clean and repair, and traditionally don’t host plays). Mid-year diaries are also useful for people who don’t buy one in January, and then spend half a year regretting it!