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Scottish Rugby

The Scottish International rugby team dates back to 1871, where they beat England in the first international rugby union match. Scotland compete in the annual Six Nations tournament, and play England each year for the Calcutta Cup.

The Scottish Rugby edition contains 3 fun and educational features:

  • 250 cards (containing 500 questions) on Scottish Rugby
  • 100 Sound off cards – talk for 30 seconds on a given subject
  • 25 Give or take cards – keep it or pass it on…you decide!

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So You Think You Know Your Rugby!

Containing 500 questions about Scottish Rugby, ‘Taxi’ is a board game full of fun and knowledge, for all Scottish Rugby supporters.

The Scottish Rugby edition of Taxi is based on the working life of a rugby supporting cabbie, the better your knowledge of Scottish Rugby, the better the tips, the more you earn.

Taxi Board Game contains 500 history and general knowledge questions about Scottish Rugby, and just like driving a taxi, the better your knowledge, the better the tips, the more you earn. When your fare ends, answer a question on Scottish Rugby to gain a tip.

Taxi drivers have an opinion on every subject, land on one of the ‘Sound-Off’ squares and it’s your turn to sound-off like a cabbie. The ‘Sound-Off’ cards contain a hundred varied topics. On being told the ‘Sound-Off subject’, you have 30 seconds to mention as many of the six key words printed on the card. Every key word you mention increases your takings.

A taxi drivers daily takings are often decided by luck. Turn left and get a juicy fare to the airport, turn right and you could get a puncture. If you land on a ‘Give or Take’ square you decide, prior to seeing the card whether you keep the card or whether you pass it onto another player. You don’t know if the card brings good news or bad news until you turn it over.

You decide the duration of the Taxi drivers ‘shift’ at outset. The person with the most money at the end of the shift is the winner!

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