Botanic Isles Scottish Summer Botanicals Necklace


Botanic Isles Scotland

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Pendant size: 12mm
Material: Sterling silver
Hand picked from: Isle of Arran, Angus and Fife in Scotland
Packaging: Luxury presentation box, gift bag and with information card about the botanicals preserved within

With mystic blue tones, forge me not, buttecup petals, Queen Anne’s Lace and perfectly preserved fennel pollen.

The delicate buds of golden fennel were home grown from my own garden and carefully tended for whilst the forget me nots were handpicked on the pristine Isle of Arran. The truly iconic Scottish heather was handpicked from Braemar and the Queen Anne’s Lace in its ivory and duckling tones, come from rural Angus farm lanes. The pendant measures just over a cm and is a delicate, enchanting memory of Springtime and the perfect little piece of Scotland to hold close to your heart.

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